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How to Think Like Scientists Do

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Unless you have been living under the rock in the past months, you probably have heard about “fake news”. You hear them being thrown around, which is not surprising given the growing number of fake and misleading news you can find on social media nowadays. But one thing worth noting about these words is how they are increasingly being used to refer to just about anything that some people may find disagreeable.

In a classic display of cognitive dissonance, some people try to stick to their beliefs despite being presented with evidence that clearly shows they are wrong. The climate change issue is probably one of the best examples to illustrate how insidious poor understanding of what fake news can be. Just because someone believes climate change is not real does not make all the scientific data and evidence false. But that is exactly what some people are doing.

Why do scientists collect data? Because the point of doing research is to prove a hypothesis and a theory and the best way to do that is to make a thorough study, do tests, gather data, observe evidence, and every painstaking step scientists and researchers do to make sure that they learn more about a problem and perhaps even find solutions for them.

If there is any silver lining in all the negativity that all the misleading and made-up stories you can find online, it would be this: You do not have to be a scientist to develop critical thinking and not get lost in all the bogus news and propaganda.

Voting Importance

Why Voting is Important

Voting, is it important? Yes, it really is. Your “only” vote matters and it can change everything. It’s better to vote than sit, listen, watch all day. But why vote, really?

Let’s find it out together!

Power to Create Change

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Your Vote Can Make A Change.

Your vote means a lot! It isn’t only you voting for the best candidates, it’s you and the world.

There are some people who agree with your choice. By voting, you have the power to choose what’s best for the community. The power to create change is in your hands, so don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity!

Voice Out Your Opinion

Voting means supporting the best candidate.

Having the best candidates which you can support can help you voice out your thoughts and opinions. To simply put, you vote because you like the candidate’s reforms and objectives, and it matches what you want to say or do to help the community. So, you’ll let the candidate of your choice do the work and voice out your opinion.

It’s Your Right

The government doesn’t fully control us. We as the voters controls them. They won’t be in that position without the help of our vote, and it’s our right to do it. Remember to keep in mind that many people do not have this opportunity.

Make the World Better

Choosing the wrong person to serve the community could leave to a disaster. However, choosing the right one can make the world a lot better. Don’t waste your vote. It has the same value as everybody else!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Prepare and choose the perfect candidate for you. Every vote matters, including yours of course! Take time to pick the right people that can help us to make our world better. Voting is a serious matter, so vote wisely!

Voting could take some time, so bring a smartphone with you for a bit of entertainment! Protect it against damages and fall! Just visit the urban armor gear iphone case review to understand how this can protect your smart phone.

Ranked Voting in Frank Collins

We believe that ranked voting is the most democratic way of voting but you must be wondering what are our reasons why we choose ranked voting among other voting systems? We chose ranked voting because it was designed for the ease of hand counting. It is, however, not the best way to elect the candidate with a majority of the votes. In fact our current method often elects candidates with less than a majority vote.

Again, why ranked voting? Since 1997, in Fort Collins 43% of city council elections have had more than three candidates and in half of these elections, the winner did not have a majority of the vote. Winners have been elected with as little as 29% of the popular vote. In these elections, voters often choose a likely winner instead of their favorite, first-choice candidate. Votes get split between candidates with similar views; some candidates choose not to run to avoid “splitting the vote.”

Another good thing about this system of voting is that an election with this kind of system will produce the majority winner. Due to the ease of voting there will be an increased voter and candidate participation.

How Does Ranked Voting Work?

Ranked choice voting allows you to rank candidates in your personal order of preference. If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, the candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated. Those votes are then redistributed to the voters’ second choice, until a candidate has a majority of votes.


Ranked choice voting (also known as instant runoff voting) is currently used in cities across the country, including Minneapolis, MN; Burlington, VT; Cary, NC; Oakland and San Francisco, CA; and Aspen, Colorado. It’s used by Arkansas, Louisiana, and South Carolina for overseas military voters.

IRV founding fathers ballot

Ranked voting is endorsed by numerous organizations including the Larimer County League of Women Voters!

What is Ranked Voting?

Ranked voting a.k.a “Instant Run-Off Voting,” allows voters to rank up to three candidates, in order of preference, when marking their ballots. It is also called alternative vote (AV), transferable vote, (single-seat) ranked choice voting (RCV), or preferential voting. This voting system is commonly used to elect a single candidate from a field of more than two candidates.In this kind of voting system, voters rank outcomes in a hierarchy on the ordinal scale.


This seems to be the most democratic way of voting, however, it is only employed by several jurisdictions in America. Only San Francisco, San Leandro, and Oakland in California; Portland, Maine; Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota is using this kind of voting system.

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