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3 Reasons Why Voting is Like Using Vinegar

Seriously, who would think that using vinegar is similar to voting? Aren’t they too weird to even be connected? Well, if you think they are, read on because we’re about to change your mind.

They let you voice out your perspective.


Okay. This first one may sound a bit funny but bear with us. We already know that voting has the power to allow everyone (at least all registered voters) to be treated equally. They are equally given the ability to decide who they want to lead them. Voicing out one’s opinion during the campaign and election period is one way to keep the system fair. It’s sort of like practicing one’s freedom of speech. Now, what about using vinegar? Well, using vinegar with Solanum Xanthocarpum or with wine and alum will allow you to voice out your opinions literally. How? Vinegar can fight bad breath. How will you be heard if no one likes the smell whenever you talk? Think about it. I doubt anyone would want you to practice your freedom of speech if your speech releases terrible breath instead of good advocacies, you know!

They kill one-sided opinions.

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What’s great about voting is that they offer choices and alternatives. No one has to stick with one leader forever because voting has the power to give the people the democracy they want. After all, the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Voting enables people to get rid of corrupt politicians and give a chance to others who deserve the position and who can do better. Vinegar is also an alternative for a lot of things. You can use it as an alternative to a gas weed eater because it can effectively kill grass on driveways and sidewalks. You can also clean your microwave easily with one-fourth cup of vinegar and a cup of water instead of using soap and a sponge. Plus, vinegar can deodorize the microwave. And instead of brushing your yellow teeth till your gums bleed, you can gargle 50ml of vinegar mixed with 50ml of water to whiten your teeth. That way you won’t have to make your teeth and gums suffer.

They advocate change.


Lastly, using vinegar and voting allow change. Using vinegar can improve your home (by disinfecting everything) and make your body healthier. Vinegar can treat frizzy hair, dandruff, tonsilitis, gum diseases, headache, joint pain, burns, muscle cramps, dull skin, and more! If these won’t change you, well, I don’t know what will! The same can be said with voting. Voting advocates change. It allows a new beginning. It opens a new door. It gives an opportunity to long-awaited developments. It is a broad approach to a better nation.

So, voting and vinegar, huh? Well, now we know everything in this world is connected.