What is Your Preferred Cooking Method?

The meal preparation should be healthy. It should be done with love and compassion. Cooking for the sake of cooking is very superficial.


Cooking delicious and flavourful foods has become a favorite activity in the kitchen. Home cooks have sought tons of methods of meal preparation which will help them achieve their great cooking goals.  Our chosen cooking methods will immensely affect the nutritional value of our food. Choosing a pressure picker will lead us to the answer of the rhetorical question what your preferred cooking method is.

People are aware that heat or very high temperature can destroy some vitamins and minerals in food. That is why concerned home cooks never stopped looking for healthier cooking methods.  Hence, pressure cooking is highly recommended. You must be wondering how it could be a healthy method when in fact it involves very high-pressure to cook food. Well, it has been proven through scientific research that the high pressure used in the pressure cooker is not detrimental. It is because cooking through the pressure cooker is done amazingly fast. Hence, the nutritional value in food is retained and optimal health is given attention.

Pressure Cooking as the Desired Cooking Method

Pressure cooking is a way of cooking food using a small amount of water or cooking liquid. The cooking is done in a sealed kitchen appliance known as the pressure cooker.  Conventional cooking methods usually take longer periods of time. With the pressure cooker, homemade foods are served in just under an hour. It is incredibly fast.  Inside the sealed pressure cooker, when the small amount of cooking liquid boils, pressure is created.  This resulted to trapped steam which makes the temperature rise. It’s about time to include the pressure cooker among your kitchen tools.

The fast cooking is the great contribution of Denis Papin, a French physicist. He attempted to reduce the cooking time; thus, he invented the steam digester. Amazingly, we are using his concept of cooking today through the modern pressure cooker.

Definitely, my most preferred method of food preparation is pressure cooking. With it, I’m sure that my family is getting the natural flavors of healthy ingredients. It is my best kitchen buddy. It gives me convenience and helps me prioritize the health of my family.  It is cooking with pressure but with it,  the cooking act is never a pressure.

Oh, I so love this special kitchen pot!