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Why Choose the Masticating Juicer?

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

What are your thoughts about this stuff from Hippocrates, the founder of medicine and the greatest physician of his time?  Do you agree with him? Can our food be our medicine at the same time? This food for thought imparts that our food not only nourishes our body but also provide its cure.  What we have here are healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to be a great part of our healthy diet. Our best diet will be our best weapon to combat serious illnesses that cripple our efficiency as a person.

Simply get it straight. Health conscious people always want the best from their juices.  It is all about extracting nutrient-rich juice from the fiber of fruits and veggies of which is a great help to your digestive system.  Juicing can be very well done by the masticating juicers.  It helps you create great juices that give magical taste to your palate while at the same time create magic in your overall health.  Find more information about masticating juicers here at http://juicerkings.com/best-masticating-juicers/.

juicing ideas

The masticating juicer will make your favorite fruits and leafy greens disappear and turn them into nutritious and delicious juices. Yes, the pulp will have its graceful exit to the bin retaining the healthy juice you need.  So, why should you take this slow juicer home? Well, being a slow juicer is what makes it in demand in the juicing world today.  The slow motors encourage a lack of oxidation and heat that will keep the essential nutrients intact in your juice.

Since there are different models of masticating juicers to choose from in the market, you have to equip yourself with the right knowledge about their best features. Choose the right one for you that will keep you satisfied and will support your juicing goals.

One thing is for sure an everyday juicer like you will take advantage of the juicer’s auger that is capable of gnawing your flavourful produce and turn them into refreshing juices for the health. This juicer will work efficiently on your leafy greens and stringy roots. It masticates the fiber of your produce, wringing every drop until not a drop of juice is extracted. If you are a serious juicer, it is a surefire that you will enjoy the masticating juicer’s efficiency and versatility.

Comb through in-depth reviews of masticating juicers in the market and walk through all the key features for you to finally choose the best! Make juicing and important activity in your kitchen and surely you will agree with this food for thought,

“True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington”  ~Anonymous