Ranked Voting in Frank Collins

We believe that ranked voting is the most democratic way of voting but you must be wondering what are our reasons why we choose ranked voting among other voting systems? We chose ranked voting because it was designed for the ease of hand counting. It is, however, not the best way to elect the candidate with a majority of the votes. In fact our current method often elects candidates with less than a majority vote.

Again, why ranked voting? Since 1997, in Fort Collins 43% of city council elections have had more than three candidates and in half of these elections, the winner did not have a majority of the vote. Winners have been elected with as little as 29% of the popular vote. In these elections, voters often choose a likely winner instead of their favorite, first-choice candidate. Votes get split between candidates with similar views; some candidates choose not to run to avoid “splitting the vote.”

Another good thing about this system of voting is that an election with this kind of system will produce the majority winner. Due to the ease of voting there will be an increased voter and candidate participation.

Voting Importance

Why Voting is Important

Voting, is it important? Yes, it really is. Your “only” vote matters and it can change everything. It’s better to vote than sit, listen, watch all day. But why vote, really?

Let’s find it out together!

Power to Create Change

Poor Kids
Your Vote Can Make A Change.

Your vote means a lot! It isn’t only you voting for the best candidates, it’s you and the world.

There are some people who agree with your choice. By voting, you have the power to choose what’s best for the community. The power to create change is in your hands, so don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity!

Voice Out Your Opinion

Voting means supporting the best candidate.

Having the best candidates which you can support can help you voice out your thoughts and opinions. To simply put, you vote because you like the candidate’s reforms and objectives, and it matches what you want to say or do to help the community. So, you’ll let the candidate of your choice do the work and voice out your opinion.

It’s Your Right

The government doesn’t fully control us. We as the voters controls them. They won’t be in that position without the help of our vote, and it’s our right to do it. Remember to keep in mind that many people do not have this opportunity.

Make the World Better

Choosing the wrong person to serve the community could leave to a disaster. However, choosing the right one can make the world a lot better. Don’t waste your vote. It has the same value as everybody else!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Prepare and choose the perfect candidate for you. Every vote matters, including yours of course! Take time to pick the right people that can help us to make our world better. Voting is a serious matter, so vote wisely!

Voting could take some time, so bring a smartphone with you for a bit of entertainment! Protect it against damages and fall! Just visit the urban armor gear iphone case review to understand how this can protect your smart phone.

using heat press

Choose the Heat Press Machine for Your Needs

If you are into the craft of personalized T-shirt Printing, then you should click this link: http://heaterhobby.com/best-heat-press-machines/.   This is a rewarding hobby that can bloom into a big business in the printing world.  But before you indulge in a heat press, you are probably asking this question: “What press is right for me?” This requires educating yourself about the uses of a Heat Press Machine so that you will not regret your choice in the end.

Always consider the quality of the machine. Will it support your printing along the way? Will it give you best quality output that could be a hit in the printing industry? There are heavy duty heat press machines available on the market today waiting for your curious perusal. However, you have to check their amazing features in order to make the best choice.   To avoid cold spots, ghosting, and other printing errors, it is extremely important to check the machine if it has equal heat and pressure.  To make sure that your investment won’t leave you across the road, you have to consider the warranty.  The machine’s quality output should be your optimum concern.

There are brands of Heat Press Machines with packaged technical support and parts availability. It’s up to you to choose which among them will best suit your printing preferences.  The brand’s reliability, efficiency, and output quality should not be left behind. These characteristics should be present in your chosen Heat Press Machine.

Choosing the right brand of a heat press machine can take your hobby of printing to a higher level. Remember, the global human population growth is expected to keep growing, which means that T-shirt industry, as well as gift ideas, will also take its peak.  The fact that T-shirt printing has become a booming business makes the Heat Press Machine one of the desirable equipment.

Some brands of heat press machines come with built-in electronic time and heat control features that make it more convenient for you.  There are machines also which are capable of a variety of transfers on everything, not just on clothing but also to tile.

I know that there are tons of presses available in the market today. If you have a very limited experience on this, then buying one could be very challenging. So, it’s important to choose your press machine for the money and for your needs.

What is Your Preferred Cooking Method?

The meal preparation should be healthy. It should be done with love and compassion. Cooking for the sake of cooking is very superficial.


Cooking delicious and flavourful foods has become a favorite activity in the kitchen. Home cooks have sought tons of methods of meal preparation which will help them achieve their great cooking goals.  Our chosen cooking methods will immensely affect the nutritional value of our food. Choosing a pressure picker will lead us to the answer of the rhetorical question what your preferred cooking method is.

People are aware that heat or very high temperature can destroy some vitamins and minerals in food. That is why concerned home cooks never stopped looking for healthier cooking methods.  Hence, pressure cooking is highly recommended. You must be wondering how it could be a healthy method when in fact it involves very high-pressure to cook food. Well, it has been proven through scientific research that the high pressure used in the pressure cooker is not detrimental. It is because cooking through the pressure cooker is done amazingly fast. Hence, the nutritional value in food is retained and optimal health is given attention.

Pressure Cooking as the Desired Cooking Method

Pressure cooking is a way of cooking food using a small amount of water or cooking liquid. The cooking is done in a sealed kitchen appliance known as the pressure cooker.  Conventional cooking methods usually take longer periods of time. With the pressure cooker, homemade foods are served in just under an hour. It is incredibly fast.  Inside the sealed pressure cooker, when the small amount of cooking liquid boils, pressure is created.  This resulted to trapped steam which makes the temperature rise. It’s about time to include the pressure cooker among your kitchen tools.

The fast cooking is the great contribution of Denis Papin, a French physicist. He attempted to reduce the cooking time; thus, he invented the steam digester. Amazingly, we are using his concept of cooking today through the modern pressure cooker.

Definitely, my most preferred method of food preparation is pressure cooking. With it, I’m sure that my family is getting the natural flavors of healthy ingredients. It is my best kitchen buddy. It gives me convenience and helps me prioritize the health of my family.  It is cooking with pressure but with it,  the cooking act is never a pressure.

Oh, I so love this special kitchen pot!

using a jigsaw

How to Choose the Best of the Best Jigsaws

In a perfect world of woodworking, choosing the best cutting tool will create confusions; hence, the selection process becomes formidable. It’s part of the real world that choosing the best can prove daunting.  All the prerequisites in cutting will fall into place. However, based on the experiences of the experienced, the compact jigsaw is the smartest choice for intricate and personal cuts which most operators are working for.

Clients of the jigsaw have different working perspectives. Each has set definite cutting goals that need to be addressed.  A constructive jigsaw comparison will best help these people to decide which model and brand of a jigsaw to choose. It’s pretty useful to know the features of each jigsaw type. Awareness of the saw’s capabilities is very crucial so as not to waste your big investment for the tool.

In the selection process, both the strengths and weaknesses of the jigsaw must be considered. By knowing the pitfalls of the jigsaw, it will make you more aware of up to what extent this power tool can work.   You will be more prepared to work for your cutting projects and be confident all throughout the process.

Choosing the best jigsaw becomes easier with the help of different reviews. As jigsaws come in different varieties, it’s extremely important to consider the type, model, brand, price, teeth of the blade, and many others. It’s not only about choosing between black and white. You have to open your mind and think of what is essential. Check for the specifications that will serve you with excellence. Take time to explore the available choices in the market and ask yourself what are your design priorities and your working regimen. This is to eliminate all the cobwebs in your mind.

Will the corded-jigsaw be enough for you? Or does your work require you the liberty of movement? Then, the cordless jigsaw will be best. However, as mentioned, check for its imperfections in order to make a sound choice. Which of them do you think will best fulfill your requirements? Are you after for performance and power? Or you are more conscious of comfort and convenience in execution?

Always remember that in choosing the best brand of jigsaw what is right may not be popular and what is popular may not be right. Weigh things out intelligently and answer your own questions honestly. As to which way to go will really depend on you and not on the tool. Generally, ask yourself, which jigsaw type, brand, and model will fulfill your individual needs.

juicing ideas

Why Choose the Masticating Juicer?

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

What are your thoughts about this stuff from Hippocrates, the founder of medicine and the greatest physician of his time?  Do you agree with him? Can our food be our medicine at the same time? This food for thought imparts that our food not only nourishes our body but also provide its cure.  What we have here are healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to be a great part of our healthy diet. Our best diet will be our best weapon to combat serious illnesses that cripple our efficiency as a person.

Simply get it straight. Health conscious people always want the best from their juices.  It is all about extracting nutrient-rich juice from the fiber of fruits and veggies of which is a great help to your digestive system.  Juicing can be very well done by the masticating juicers.  It helps you create great juices that give magical taste to your palate while at the same time create magic in your overall health.  Find more information about masticating juicers here at http://juicerkings.com/best-masticating-juicers/.

juicing ideas

The masticating juicer will make your favorite fruits and leafy greens disappear and turn them into nutritious and delicious juices. Yes, the pulp will have its graceful exit to the bin retaining the healthy juice you need.  So, why should you take this slow juicer home? Well, being a slow juicer is what makes it in demand in the juicing world today.  The slow motors encourage a lack of oxidation and heat that will keep the essential nutrients intact in your juice.

Since there are different models of masticating juicers to choose from in the market, you have to equip yourself with the right knowledge about their best features. Choose the right one for you that will keep you satisfied and will support your juicing goals.

One thing is for sure an everyday juicer like you will take advantage of the juicer’s auger that is capable of gnawing your flavourful produce and turn them into refreshing juices for the health. This juicer will work efficiently on your leafy greens and stringy roots. It masticates the fiber of your produce, wringing every drop until not a drop of juice is extracted. If you are a serious juicer, it is a surefire that you will enjoy the masticating juicer’s efficiency and versatility.

Comb through in-depth reviews of masticating juicers in the market and walk through all the key features for you to finally choose the best! Make juicing and important activity in your kitchen and surely you will agree with this food for thought,

“True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington”  ~Anonymous

Why Hunting is a Good Choice?

What do you love doing? Is hunting among your favorites? Or is it your most favorite activity. Hunting delights your being. It’s a great satisfaction to see the canopy of the forests and feel the breeze of contentment of life.  Hunting is an old-aged passion and a fantastic recreation. It has been a good choice for an outdoor activity.


Hunting enhances your shooting skills. Journeying through the woods and scouting for your most preferred quarry is amazingly rejuvenating. Hunting will give you a one of a kind experience. Pick up your rifle, and then what? Aside from the map, what else should you bring? Yeah, right! You should bring with you a high-end riflescope to make sure you will have a good hunt. Make an evaluation of what is the best. Our top 5 rifle scopes are open for your verification.

Get into the woods and prove to the world that hunting is a good choice of recreation. Upgrade your hunting skills and be a smashing hunter. Perform the best and mount on your rifle it’s most credible eye- the scope.

The rifle scope will boost your shooting skills as it increases the rifle range. With it, you can clearly see what’s far and distant. Focus on what you are doing and forget the worries of life because there is much life in front of you.


Aim and make your clear shot. You won’t regret the day you decided to become a hunter. The woods are a fantastic place for your burning passion. The rifle scope is the best instrument to realize that passion. Hitting your target at one shot is something you can be proud of.  Make the most amazing shot you deserve.

Always go for the impressive quality of the rifle scope. It won’t give you mediocre shots.   When you are in the woods, concentrate enough on your hunting goals. Always offer your most deadly shot. For sure it is a successful hit and makes you realize that hunting in the woods in indeed a good choice. With your rifle scope, you will secretly know that your targeted animal is forthcoming. Steady your pace, concentrate and fire.

The perfect magnification of a high-end scope will give you amazing shots you always wanted. So, what do you think? See what’s around you and get serious with your shooting accuracy.  With the scope’s zoom magnification capabilities, the good hunt is always within reach and you feel that your passion is burning. Hence, hunting is definitely a good choice.

Splendid Swimming Pool is a Perfect Choice!


Have you thought of having a swimming pool? That would be cool. Beat the summer heat!  What about having a splendid swimming pool? That would be a perfect choice!  You can be a competitive swimmer through your pool. Who knows?  It’s pretty sweet to add a pool to your property. To set your mood, you better check this link out http://poolparrot.com/best-automatic-pool-cleaner-guide/ and look for yourself how to make a perfect choice.

Having a swimming pool is not just a great privilege but also a big responsibility. Your pool ownership has to be supported with the responsibility of how to keep it safe and clean. You have to go into the detail of effective maintenance so that your pool will stay longer and will maintain its stunning beauty.  The entire family will benefit from it. Your investment should not become major drawbacks.

Who would want to swim with debris, gunk, and grime? The cloudy water in the pool is an insinuation that some darn creatures are in it. Being the owner of the pool, the power pool cleaning is actually yours to plan. Yeah, right. You will the one to plan for its cleanliness. Who or what will make the total pool cleaning? The amazing technology has it. If you are a Do-it-yourself fanatic, then cleaning your pool with the most reliable automatic pool cleaner will change the whole setting.

automatic pool cleaner
Choose the most reliable automatic pool cleaner.

Automatic Pool Cleaner is a Great Choice

Yes, you can actually do the manual cleaning if you really want to. You can scrub the swimming pool floors, walls, and waterlines. However, it will consume much of your time and it’s annoying! Why give yourself a daunting task when you can actually make the cleaning enjoyable and efficient? The automatic pool cleaners can do you a great deal. Definitely, it would give you an assurance that your pool will remain sparkling and it will ensure safe swimming and enjoyment.  A clean and sparkling pool is a great asset for it will add impact to the whole setting in your backyard or in the home. Don’t ever think that it pool maintenance will require a bulk of work. Automatic pool cleaners make the total and fabulous pool cleaning an easy feat.

Watch this video and see how an automatic pool cleaner works.

Make your pool really a piece of joy in your backyard.  It should be a great delight for the whole family and to your friends and visitors. Keep your pool as crystal clear as possible. It’s really your responsibility.  If it’s not you, then who else would? Maintaining the sparkling appeal of your swimming pool is all about the perfect knowledge on how to do it. Make it a perfect choice and it is a must! Now, you think about this choice!

Perfect Bow to Match Your Shooting Preferences


Archery as one of the oldest sports ever always has the bow and arrows as its starting point. That is why the choosing stage has to be given ample consideration.  It can be the dilemma of archers. It can be the best starting point for an enriching opportunity in archery.

During the 18th dynasty, the Egyptian pharaohs were deeply inclined with archery as their favourite sport. Then, some of the earliest recorded archery tournaments brought fame to archery during the Zhou dynasty in China.  Amazingly, archery has gained increasing popularity for many centuries  which is very evident  up to this time. With this grandeur, it offers smashing appeal even to people who are not sports-minded. Thus, archery is really for everybody. It caters all.  By gaining experiences and historical presentation of this sport, many people are becoming more conscious of their shooting details. Archery in historic times will act as the meaningful baseline that provides a strong foundation that the present generation can highly depend on. Hence, choosing your best weapon entails utmost dedication and sincerity.

An adventure with the bow and arrows has provided endless options. As you make your first move, checking our Crossbow reviews will help you in making your finest aim of making a good shot. Your skills and interests in archery must define your choice.

Which bow will best fit your show? Does the recurve bow define your shooting preferences? Does the compound bow showcase the archer in you?

As archery weapons gained great functions and features, many people become more engaged in this highly-competitive sport. It has provided great choices.  Archers are more conscious of the equipment preferences as it would define their shooting skills and bring them optimum satisfaction in the shooting range.

Whether you aim to shoot at the Olympic Games or to make an aim in the wilderness, your weapon must best serve your interest. Your weapon should be your best tool in landing your arrows  at your target. That is why many archery lovers offer different answers as to what their preferences are.

recurve bow

Be certain of what archery game to play before you make your pick of your bow from tons of choices.  Set a specific category in mind and choose the bow that will best handle the challenge. Shooting at targets don’t just require strong interest and skills but it strongly encourages you to choose the best weapon which will best serve that interest.

Well, what does your heart sing?  What archery event do you really like? What do you love doing? What equipment is considerably available?

You are into a challenge. Now, ask yourself. Which bow can best stand the test of the show? Your bow should as well meet the challenge as you do.

How Does Ranked Voting Work?

Ranked choice voting allows you to rank candidates in your personal order of preference. If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, the candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated. Those votes are then redistributed to the voters’ second choice, until a candidate has a majority of votes.


Ranked choice voting (also known as instant runoff voting) is currently used in cities across the country, including Minneapolis, MN; Burlington, VT; Cary, NC; Oakland and San Francisco, CA; and Aspen, Colorado. It’s used by Arkansas, Louisiana, and South Carolina for overseas military voters.

IRV founding fathers ballot

Ranked voting is endorsed by numerous organizations including the Larimer County League of Women Voters!

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